Jan. 3rd, 2016

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The hd_erised poll is open! And I am failing at link insertion because my iPad hates me. It's here: http://hd-erised.livejournal.com/62396.html

I feel very confident of my one guess, though I've only read the first part of the story (too much to do!). I know one other, but no fair because I actually know it, and I read one other fic that has a familiar taste to it, but I couldn't place it (the first one posted, I think, where they are fake dating. Highly amusing!)

If you think you know which fic I wrote (and aren't one of the handful of people who know the answer), leave a guess here. First correct answer wins a prize! And I have no idea what that will be. Maybe an 'extra', or a postcard, or violet crumble. Right now I have no idea what I am having for breakfast and it's 11.37am. I have definitely used up my planning brain!

Looking forward to reveals because I REALLY want to talk about some of the process of writing that bugger. I have useful writing knowledge to impart.

And on an unrelated note, I had to bin my toughest gardening gloves yesterday. A thing you do in Australia that you don't do in saner countries is shake out shoes and feel glove fingers before putting them on. TWO fingers with random inclusions yesterday! Cockroach in one and spider in another. The cockroach was dead and not budging, and the spider was alive and gnashy. Since the gloves were not expensive and were aged, I wasn't going to argue over who won that one!

My second toughest gardening gloves and I had a rewarding afternoon pruning flowers and potting on tomatoes. Now for the herb repotting this afternoon before my promised week of rain!


blamebrampton: 15th century woodcut of a hound (Default)

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