Book-a-day: Day One

Jul. 26th, 2017 12:30 am
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1. (Favourite) book from childhood

More lovely pictures here

Comet in Moominland / Kometjakten / Mumintrollet på kometjakt / Kometen kommer by Tove Jansson. It is a sequel to The Moomins and the Great Flood, so it picks up the story of the Moomin troll family and their new acquaintances as they are settling into new life in the valley. Moomin and Sniff go hiking (local eco-tourism) and meet interesting folk - like harmonica-playing Snufkin, the gold standard for travelling minimalist philosophers everywhere! Adventures are had. Snork Maiden saves Moomin from an octopus. A comet is coming and is supposed to destroy everything. In the spirit of friendly community, all friends of different species find shelter in a cave and wait for, well, the end of the world / total destruction / death, and fall asleep. In the morning, they discover the comet has passed earth and everything is okay. Everyone is joyful.

This is a lovely book for children and adults alike. It carries a very particular zen, and teaches useful & true things about life: that things beyond our control happen, and it's okay to panic a bit and be emotional about it, but ultimately, you need to deal with it in an efficient way and live on regardless; that you don't necessarily need to fight something, that life is no competition; that the world is full of very different and very interesting people; that new people will arrive in your valley and make a home there, and that's okay; that people you hold dear may leave, and that's okay, too; that travelling is good, but so is coming back, and it's okay to want both; that all kinds of occupations & vocations are valuable and respectable; that it's great to love doing something; that if you cock up or someone is harmed as a result of your actions, you don't sulk or go on a stupid heroic quest or something, but apologise and to practical stuff to remedy the situation.

Life is better with Moomins. :)

Book-a-day Challenge Masterpost

Jul. 25th, 2017 11:55 pm
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A lovely meme as seen over at [personal profile] vaysh11's journal. I love it so much when my f-list talk about books (the lovely Wednesday reads [personal profile] sineala & [personal profile] isis are doing, and [personal profile] osprey_archer's never-ending book discoveries), so I'm going to try switching from the constant stream of fanworks reccing to published books for a bit. No pictures promised, but much book talk. :)
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I realise this is a bit like screaming into the void, but I have to ask:

Remember how in Batman v Superman, BAMF Lois Lane is somewhere in "Nairomi, Africa" (WTF?) about to interview some shadowy local general, and is accompanied by Jimmy Olsen (who is supposed to be a Daily Planet photographer). Jimmy Olsen has that styled fake-rugged model look that makes him look like an extra from Alias. And indeed, he turns out to be CIA with a tracker in his camera, uncovered by the general's security. (Poor Lois barely makes it three questions in the interview.) Agent Jimmy tries to broker a deal with the general on behalf of his agency, and is killed.

This is seen by his superiors/support team (via heat vision cameras), who refer to Jimmy as 'Talon'.

Codenames are all nice and good, and I thought no further until I read a couple Batman fanfics about the Court of Owls, which is apparently this secret society with hands in many pies intent on world domination. (Not to be confused with League of Assassins, which is another Batman-related secret society. League of Assassins was in Nolan's Batman and had Marion Cotillard.) Court of Owls hasn't been anywhere I noticed? Except -

- except this Court of Owls has these hordes of brainwashed / zombie-like / reanimated replaceable agents or dispatch assassins (IDEK?) who are called 'Talons'. And now I'm thinking, was that an Easter egg or something. Was this supposed to mean that in DCEU, Court of Owls has infiltrated agencies. Or that Jimmy Olsen is going to come back as an undead assassin.

See, I'd say this is weird, but on the other hand, Brubaker had teenage Bucky Barnes shed the booty shorts and come back from the dead with a metal arm and Soviet technomagic hitmanship on his CV, so how do we measure weird? Is bumbling happy-go-lucky Jimmy turned into an extra from Alias turned into a Talon of the Court of Owls 'weird' or... 'comic-book logical'?

EDIT: I stand corrected, Wikipedia informs me that in Superman: Red Son by Mark Millar (who else?), Jimmy Olsen is an agent of the CIA who eventually becomes the director. Moreover, he joins Dr. Lex Luthor in his Presidential bid and becomes Vice President. So I guess yes, magically reanimated Jimmy Olsen + Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor = supervillains forever in future franchise movies?

Thoughts? Links? Fic recs?

Cleves approaches

Jul. 24th, 2017 04:56 am
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I was going to do a lot of machine sewing to get her ready for Coronation so I instead took the time I had to sew by hand. Some of it went really welll, some like the haube is fiddly because the accessories are just not the way we are used to. I need to make my haube tie and also make sure all the gathers are near the crown. I may wind up pleating on my head form instead.

There may even be time to get pearls on the partlet. What is weird is I have a very long neck so I can wear my collar and show the full band of gold.


Okay, I now have my second lot of antibiotics 9note, not for the flu but for the secondary bacterial infection I have had since day two of the flu!)

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July 23, 2017 at 06:51PM from Instagram

Cleves gown made

Jul. 23rd, 2017 10:25 pm
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My Anna von Kleve Julich & Berg gown is done aside from some hooks and eyes in the skirt.

The bodice and sleeves fit nicely but I am ver narrow, and after the flu moreso… so today I get to hunt for all the wool shoulderpads I can as I will need enhancement.

The hanging sleeves are finally hemmed, woohoo, and the chemise just needs a button and some seam finishing (the sleeves were french seamed originally and so I need to just tidy a few inches between the cuffs and up the arm. I really want to take some excess linen out but will leave that until I’ve worn it a few times. The sleeves look so pretty though and will make a lot of garb look really good. And I know what my nest two frocks are 🙂 So excited.

So it may be that I will have to use a lot of cunning machine work in my velvet Cologne so that I can actually get her done 🙂

And I may be able to get my documentation for her up fairly soon. But I want the Spanish stuff up first as a handy practical guide 🙂

And I’d like to get all my garb patterns webified especially with so many lovely extant patterns out there now to use as references and (please buy these!!!)


I do have my haube. I may use my machine and then hand stitch over the top. That’s how I did my belt. The machine acted like basting which is hidden by gold braid. So I’m just waiting to hear back from some people who want to see this in the next few days and then I can have a proper rest and start collection info for my final workshop 🙂

Oh and my jeweled neckline. That’s a lining. Same with my frontal decoration on my stickelsche.


Ah yes. The three panel skirt pattern too.

Extant Gowns I adore

Jul. 22nd, 2017 09:56 pm
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Mantua, V&A Museum, London

  • Place of origin:  Spitalfields (textile, weaving) England (mantua, sewing)

  • Date: ca. 1720 (weaving)  1720-1730 (sewing)

  • Artist/Maker: Unknown

  • Materials and Techniques: Silk, silk thread, silver-gilt thread; hand-woven brocading, hand-sewn.

  • Museum number: T.88 to C-1978

  • Gallery location: In Storage

  • Interactive full views

I am not sure if the petticoat and front are original, if they are it’s a lovely example of a non matching set.  There are a handful of these early mantua that are extant. The very delicate colour choices of pale blue and silver would have made this stand out in candlelight.

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I really enjoyed putting together the Multilingual Mix for Hannibal, with fanvids in different languages, and so I thought to do the same for Steve/Bucky or Marvel as a whole. The corpus is huge, I thought. I have watched hundreds of Steve/Bucky vids. Surely I'll find something, remember something. The concept was to have one vid per language. And to my surprise, I couldn't find as many as I thought. Compared to the Hannibal cornucopia, the Marvel corner experiences scarcity of the English-centric variety. There is intrumental, and I put the Vivaldi one here because it's cool, but it cannot be actually classified as fanvid in Italian, right? So, new plan.
If you know a Steve/Bucky or Marvel fanvid set to a song in a language not listed below, please comment.

Muddy Waters by SecretlyToDream (English)
Enfants de la Patrie (1998) | Children of the Homeland (1998) by CaitlinKuehn (French)
Обійми | Embrace by LuvyshkaNeo (Ukrainian)
Я приду к тебе на помощь | I shall come to your aid by DochZmei (Russian)
Ser o parecer | To be or to seem by miguel (Spanish)
Winter by xemsonx (Instrumental: Antonio Vivaldi)

Seriously, where is German? Japanese? Some good old-fashioned Latin? Variety is the spice of life!

Cleves updates

Jul. 22nd, 2017 04:32 am
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Firstly some headgear progress 🙂 Becase my pearlwork is so dimensional I need a flat brocade front, and then am able to have a flat but slightly more texture brocade for the haub.

Then we have the brocade for the collar and neckline. Yep, pressed the brocade into a curve! Ditto for the piece above actually 🙂

I’m super happy about the collar 🙂 I keep readjusing the neckline though.


I have tried it all on and I think I’ll just do some judicious padding of my inner layers as I am rather not as wide across my chest.

The skirt has a flatlining, and I kind of wish I hadn’t but it would require some serious careful unpicking because I used a triple stitch. This makes the diagonal seams as strong as if I had used a backstitch- I’ve had side seams pop a few times and the weight of this hem would definitely do that!

And yes, I have been working on her distinctive partlet 🙂 Pearling is not going to be fun but what the hey?



Jul. 21st, 2017 04:50 pm
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I have finally checked out INHUMANS and wow, that really is some "Game of Thrones does Star Trek" aesthetic. They even have Ramsey Bolton as the evil opposition brother.

The lawful king brother is basically Mr Reese from Person of Interest with magic murder voice. He runs around city centre in a suit and has a dog. (The dog is a gigantic teleporter which is an upgrade from POI, but still. Totally Mr Reese.) The sister - Medusa - is basically the only character I know. Apparently, she has a lot of sentient red hair and political problems negotiating agendas of different parties (all in the family). The sister with even more fashion-forward hair (striped colour application like something from a hairdressing trend show circa 2010) is probably Crystal who is married to Quicksilver in comics. (IDEK what they'll do now that Joss Whedon has jossed that in Ultron. Grrrr.)

What can I say, royal politics never get old, let's see how much IMAX Shakespeare this injects into Marvel Netflix/MCU. Rag'n'Bone man track Human is nice here, mirroring the plot about Inhumans being originally from Earth and intending to come back. Not invested in this at all, but I support Medusa and her hair.

Flu sucks

Jul. 21st, 2017 05:44 am
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Wound up coughing and nearly passing out a few times. One thing is good- I got antibiotics on day one. Secondary infection kind of hit about the same time! That was scary fast.


But take care.

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VID POST: DC Catwoman

Jul. 20th, 2017 09:21 pm
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A purrfect selection of Catwoman tributes - 50% live action, 50% animation. 100% cat.

Something Wild by AndrewShearer (Julie Newmar, Adam West Batman)
What's New, Pussycat? by klassicalmuzik (Eartha Kitt, Adam West Batman)
She's Always a Woman by DamianOswald (Michelle Pfeiffer, Tim Burton Batman)
Close to You by gss42x (Anne Hathaway, Christopher Nolan Batman)
Go For Their Eyes by Basia3597 (Camren Bicondova, Gotham)
Who's In Control by MariusSvensen (Halle Berry, Catwoman)
If I Have to Fall Then It Won't Be in Your Line by SanctuaryMyst (Batman Telltale)
Guaranteed I Can Blow Your Mind by SanctuaryMyst (Batman Telltale)
Who Wants to Sleep in a City That Never Wakes Up by SanctuaryMyst (Batman Telltale)
Is This Love? by shakeluver4 (DC Animated)
Killer Queen by JessieH (DC Animated)
She's Always a Woman to Me by glitterz (DC Animated)

DC DC vids (misc), DC vids (TV & EU), Wonder Woman (DCEU), Batman (DCEU), Supergirl (TV), Arrow (TV), Justice League & Suicide Squad (DCEU), Justice League (DCEU), White Canary & Black Siren (Arrow), Female Characters (Arrow), Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow (DC CW TV), Gotham (TV), DC Superheroes 1966-2016 (TV), DC Animated Series, Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor (DCEU), Wonder Woman (DCEU), Preacher, Lucifer, Constantine

REC POST: NBC Hannibal

Jul. 19th, 2017 11:40 pm


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