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We open with a montage of beautiful Ukrainian beads and then the finalists all parade down the Eurocatwalk. They all seem very happy to be there, bless. The Aussie commentators have finally decided that Kristian from Bulgaria is in Slytherin house, and I must say that he's certainly styled that way tonight, the dear wee thing! Though at least he's in sixth year unlike that sweet lamb from Ireland, who I hope is tucked up safe tonight.

Hosts are back. Timo, Timu or Timur (people pronounce it differently and I suspect the last might be right) is still wearing black, while Alex and Vova (no idea on the spelling, I have a guest and an important deadline to hit today, so no looking things up!) are wearing sequins, because they are less committed to a look than Timur. Bless their sweet little hearts, they are trying their very best and at least they aren't going on at length!

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And we're back! Timu is still looking gothic and grim, the other two hosts are wearing beautifully embroidered suits and now they are playing a local pipe and a piano accordian and it's actually quite good as they swing into 'Ukranianised' Eurovision hits. The Ukranian version of Euphoria works surprisingly well! There is folk dancing, but everyone looks so good I'm willing to forgive it all. He's not as cute as Norway's Aleksandr or however that sweet lad spells his name, though. Apparently Ukranian style also means massed voices sounding as though they are manning the barricades, which I am afraid is probably the case. I really enjoyed it! Huge leap forwards over last night.

Mr B is killing himself laughing at the idea Australians can vote in Eurovision. He is not wrong to laugh. Though you might need us for the numbers next year if Brexit keeps on making all the dumb arse decisions.

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Eurovision Semi Final 1

Kyiv! Hello! Sorry about the last few years, you were trying to warn us the whole time and we didn;t pay enough attention.

Very pressed for time, so this year, it's Eurovision short snark!

We open with people singing more or less and there's some dance, and look I am sure it was fine, but I confess I spent it trying to get the Bluetooth working on my iPad keyboard.

THREE hosts this year! They're all very nice young men and I feel certain I will have forgotten them to the point they surprise me when they reappear. The Australian hosts, Myf and Joel, are a welcome relief for me, as they're funnier than last year's, and their sound equipment is very very patchy, which is amusing in and of itself.

For starters, Sweden, Robin Bengtsson with I Can't Go On. And yet he does. At great, great length. Dull song, good hair. He's made a fundamental error here as he meant to be on Europe's Next Top Male Model.

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