Nov. 13th, 2016

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I want to talk about Leonard Cohen, whose Democracy has been my song of the week, but I just can't yet, so listen to him singing it instead.

But I do have a time-sensitive-ish favour to ask. Is there anyone free who can beta a story in the next two weeks? Its currently sitting on 4K and will probably end up 20-30K, most likely at the lower end of that. It will be PG and there will be appalling typos, because this is me. I can offer you a lovely ukulele-accompanied rendition of Hallelujah or Sisters of Mercy as thanks. Or, if you prefer, I can promise NOT to sing to my ukulele for you!

In a perfect world I'll have it wrapped up by next weekend, more likely the one after, but on Friday, so you'd have the whole weekend to play with things and tell me my typing is awful. It's a fair cop!

ETA Sorted for editorial help (bless you all!) but seriously, listen to the music. Or feel free to laugh at me writing things I swore were a terrible idea, that too.


blamebrampton: 15th century woodcut of a hound (Default)

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